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When problems occur in buildings or the construction process, they frequently become the subject of a dispute. Peter Fall provides a comprehensive consultancy service on property and construction matters. Acting for a wide client base his skills and opinions are sought for all types of property.

Dispute Resolution


Nobody sets out to look for a dispute, unfortunately disputes sometimes find you. Unless you are a construction or property expert, you will require Peter’s help to understand the problem and how to resolve it. An expert who frequently assists the courts, Peter understands what is required of an expert and how to deliver a clear message to the court or tribunal.

As an Accredited Mediator, Peter can bring the parties together to help them to resolve their dispute without the expense and stress of a court hearing.

Sometimes the nature of the dispute is better decided by an Arbitrator who fully understands the technicalities of the problem rather than the legal mind of a judge. Peter sitting as an Arbitrator, understands the detailed nuances of the dispute and with a legally enforceable Award, decides how the matter is to be settled.


Building Conservation Advice

Over 30 years as a Trustee and now Chairman of the Tyne and Wear Building Preservation Trust, coupled with acting for a variety of owners of Historic Buildings has given Peter a wealth of knowledge of how our historic buildings deteriorate and the most appropriate ways to keep them in repair.

Working with the local Conservation Officers, Peter prepares schemes of renovation appropriate for the buildings.


Building Maintenance Advice


Frequently the Cinderella of the building industry, building maintenance is often neglected until it is too late. The cost of emergency repairs can be many times that of doing the work at an earlier date in a planned sequence.

Assessing buildings or complexes of buildings and producing a maintenance plan is a sure fire way of ensuring your buildings never fail you and minimising your dilapidations liability. Peter Fall Chartered Building Surveyors design a plan to balance your required level of maintenance with a steady and predictable annual outlay. Proving yet again the stitch in time will save nine.

Defect Analysis


The specialism of defect analysis is sometimes referred to as Building Pathology, defined as the ability to recognise that there is a problem with a property, understanding how it happened and how to put it right.

Peter has diagnosed the causes of the defects in all types of buildings from new multi-story framed structures to humble houses, prestigious heritage buildings to simple factory sheds, in all parts of the UK. His wide client base includes Government departments and international companies down to private individuals and landlords.

Peter has appeared in television programs such as 'The Cowboy Builders', 'Don't get done get Dom' and 'Kirsty and Phil's Property Guide'. His regular articles as 'The House Doctor' appear in the Newcastle Journal Homemaker supplement every Saturday.


Dilapidations Advice


The majority of commercial leases impose a liability on the tenant to keep the building in good repair. Failure to do so could result in the landlord retaking possession or at the end of the lease claiming a substantial sum of money from the tenant. This may be not only the cost of the repairs but also the landlord’s loss of rent whilst planning then doing the work.

Peter’s expertise in putting buildings back together is invaluable to the landlord and the tenant when assessing the extent and cost of bringing the building back to good repair.